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Nice game, but it  needs a "come on TARS" button that says "come on TARS" in a crusty low-fi sound sample.

Finally got it, loved this. Wonderful idea and the motion was very smooth. The music and the speed really matched what happens in the film. Great game!

I finally did it!  Amazing little game, great job capturing the feel of the scene, it was exhilarating to actually accomplish it!  Only thing I wish happened was to see the thing actually connect and see it rotating with the ring :D

This was a brilliant idea for a game. You guys did well with making a simple idea into fun ride. It's actually a lot of fun trying to match speeds like this. Also was a lot of fun realizing I'm a crappy pilot. I think my crew hates me...

I've tried so much, but now I'm just debris...

Hahahahaha that was hilarious!! I loved it! :D

Also, I noticed the performance on your PC was really bad!! I guess that's due to the recording software + my game running on browser (it's not as smooth as it should be when playing on HTML5. The Windows exe file works a lot better)

But maybe I can try to fix that. I'll see what can I do to improve performance on web browsers.

Thank for playing and for the feedback ^^ I laughed a lot!

I'm glad you had fun watching me play!

At least I can blame the performance for my failure :P


hahaha it's updated now to perform better on web browsers :P so now there's no excuses!

It's fantastic. Simple but very entertaining. The 8 bits music fit so well and the controls reflects the tension of the scene. Maybe it's too dificult, I couldn't do it. TARS help me!!!

beatiful game. congrats :)





Fantastic game! This was such a well designed one! I might say that it's sliightly too difficult- if it hadn't been for sheer determination and stubbornness, I'm not sure I would have done it XD But it's such a good game! The music for it is phenomenal! Thank you so much for making this!

Very good. I've played 15-20 times and still no luck! I was a few pixels away and then the dock slipped away from me. The challenge is enjoyable and a little bit addictive though.

It would be great if there was an arrow at the start. I had no idea where the station was and flew off into space a few times.

I did it! Very difficult, but maintains a lot of the tension of the movie! And I love the 8-bit version of No Time for Caution.

One tip: I think that you may have written "Interstellar" into the noun section of the game form. I think that's only meant for when your software is considered something other than a game (eg, "It's not a *game*, it's an *art piece*"). Usually it should be left blank.

Thank you! You are right xD I changed it. I'm still learning to use :P

Oh, and congratulations!! I made this game really hard to beat it!

Favorite movie love this game so much!

Thank you for your kind words <3

Really nice atmosphere! But it is very hard to finish, I haven't managed yet!

-It's not possible.

-No, it's necessary.

* -Matthew Mcconaughey-  -Docking Scene- *